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PV::BaseLayer Class Reference

#include <BaseLayer.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for PV::BaseLayer:
PV::BaseObject PV::HyPerLayer PV::BaseInput PV::BinningLayer PV::CloneVLayer PV::KmeansLayer PV::LabelLayer PV::LIF PV::PoolingIndexLayer PV::PtwiseLinearTransferLayer PV::Retina PV::Segmentify PV::SegmentLayer PV::WTALayer

Public Member Functions

char const * getKeyword () const
char const * getName () const
HyPerColgetParent () const

Protected Member Functions

int initialize (char const *name, HyPerCol *hc)
int setName (char const *name)
int setParent (HyPerCol *hc)

Protected Attributes

char * name

Detailed Description

The base class for layers. BaseLayer should not be instantiated itself; instead, instantiate classes derived from BaseLayer.

BaseLayer should not be templated; if the occasion arises to template classes, this should be done at the HyPerLayer level or below. The rationale is that HyPerCol stores an array of layers, and needs a class that all layers, however templated, are derived from.

Definition at line 24 of file BaseLayer.hpp.

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