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PV::InitGauss2DWeights Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PV::InitGauss2DWeights:
PV::InitWeights PV::BaseObject PV::InitCocircWeights PV::InitSpreadOverArborsWeights

Public Member Functions

 InitGauss2DWeights (char const *name, HyPerCol *hc)
virtual int calcWeights (pvwdata_t *dataStart, int patchIndex, int arborId)
virtual int calcWeights ()
virtual int communicateParamsInfo ()
virtual InitWeightsParamscreateNewWeightParams ()
char const * getKeyword () const
char const * getName () const
HyPerColgetParent () const
int initializeWeights (PVPatch ***patches, pvwdata_t **dataStart, double *timef=NULL)
virtual int ioParamsFillGroup (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual int readWeights (PVPatch ***patches, pvwdata_t **dataStart, int numPatches, const char *filename, double *time=NULL)

Protected Member Functions

int initialize (char const *name, HyPerCol *hc)
int initialize_base ()
virtual int initRNGs (bool isKernel)
virtual int readCombinedWeightFiles (PVPatch ***patches, pvwdata_t **dataStart, int numPatches, const char *fileOfWeightFiles, double *timef=NULL)
virtual int readListOfArborFiles (PVPatch ***patches, pvwdata_t **dataStart, int numPatches, const char *listOfArborsFilename, double *timef=NULL)
int setName (char const *name)
int setParent (HyPerCol *hc)
virtual int zeroWeightsOutsideShrunkenPatch (PVPatch ***patches)

Protected Attributes

char * name

Private Member Functions

int gauss2DCalcWeights (pvwdata_t *dataStart, InitGauss2DWeightsParams *weightParamPtr)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 16 of file InitGauss2DWeights.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

int PV::InitGauss2DWeights::gauss2DCalcWeights ( pvwdata_t *  dataStart,
InitGauss2DWeightsParams weightParamPtr 

calculate gaussian weights between oriented line segments

Definition at line 59 of file InitGauss2DWeights.cpp.

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