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PV::BaseObject Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PV::BaseObject:
PV::CheckpointerDataInterface PV::Observer PV::BaseConnection PV::BaseInitV PV::BaseLayer PV::BaseProbe PV::InitWeights PV::NormalizeBase PV::HyPerConn PV::ConstantV PV::GaussianRandomV PV::InitVFromFile PV::UniformRandomV PV::HyPerLayer PV::BaseConnectionProbe PV::ColProbe PV::LayerProbe PV::InitGauss2DWeights PV::InitOneToOneWeights PV::InitOneToOneWeightsWithDelays PV::InitRandomWeights PV::InitSmartWeights PV::InitUniformWeights PV::NormalizeContrastZeroMean PV::NormalizeGroup PV::NormalizeMultiply

Public Member Functions

bool getDataStructuresAllocatedFlag ()
std::string const & getDescription () const
char const * getDescription_c () const
bool getInitialValuesSetFlag ()
bool getInitInfoCommunicatedFlag ()
char const * getKeyword () const
MPIBlock const * getMPIBlock ()
char const * getName () const
bool isUsingGPU () const
virtual int registerData (Checkpointer *checkpointer)
virtual int respond (std::shared_ptr< BaseMessage const > message) override

Protected Member Functions

virtual int allocateDataStructures ()
virtual int cleanup ()
virtual int communicateInitInfo (CommunicateInitInfoMessage const *message)
virtual int copyInitialStateToGPU ()
int initialize (char const *name, HyPerCol *hc)
virtual int initializeState ()
virtual int prepareCheckpointWrite ()
virtual int processCheckpointRead ()
virtual int readStateFromCheckpoint (Checkpointer *checkpointer) override
int respondAllocateData (AllocateDataMessage const *message)
int respondCleanup (CleanupMessage const *message)
int respondCommunicateInitInfo (CommunicateInitInfoMessage const *message)
int respondCopyInitialStateToGPUMessage (CopyInitialStateToGPUMessage const *message)
int respondInitializeState (InitializeStateMessage const *message)
int respondPrepareCheckpointWrite (PrepareCheckpointWriteMessage const *message)
int respondProcessCheckpointRead (ProcessCheckpointReadMessage const *message)
int respondReadStateFromCheckpoint (ReadStateFromCheckpointMessage< Checkpointer > const *message)
int respondRegisterData (RegisterDataMessage< Checkpointer > const *message)
void setDataStructuresAllocatedFlag ()
virtual int setDescription ()
void setInitialValuesSetFlag ()
void setInitInfoCommunicatedFlag ()
int setName (char const *name)
int setParent (HyPerCol *hc)

Protected Attributes

std::string description
bool mDataStructuresAllocatedFlag = false
bool mInitialValuesSetFlag = false
bool mInitInfoCommunicatedFlag = false
bool mUsingGPUFlag = false
char * name = nullptr
HyPerColparent = nullptr

Private Member Functions

int initialize_base ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file BaseObject.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool PV::BaseObject::getDataStructuresAllocatedFlag ( )

Get-method for mDataStructuresAllocatedFlag, which is false on initialization and then becomes true once setDataStructuresAllocatedFlag() is called.

Definition at line 65 of file BaseObject.hpp.

bool PV::BaseObject::getInitialValuesSetFlag ( )

Get-method for mInitialValuesSetFlag, which is false on initialization and then becomes true once setInitialValuesSetFlag() is called.

Definition at line 71 of file BaseObject.hpp.

bool PV::BaseObject::getInitInfoCommunicatedFlag ( )

Get-method for mInitInfoCommunicatedFlag, which is false on initialization and then becomes true once setInitInfoCommunicatedFlag() is called.

Definition at line 58 of file BaseObject.hpp.

bool PV::BaseObject::isUsingGPU ( ) const

Returns true if the object requires the GPU; false otherwise. HyPerCol will not initialize the GPU unless one of the objects in its hierarchy returns true

Definition at line 79 of file BaseObject.hpp.

void PV::BaseObject::setDataStructuresAllocatedFlag ( )

This method sets mDataStructuresAllocatedFlag to true.

Definition at line 111 of file BaseObject.hpp.

void PV::BaseObject::setInitialValuesSetFlag ( )

This method sets the flag returned by getInitialValuesSetFlag to true.

Definition at line 116 of file BaseObject.hpp.

void PV::BaseObject::setInitInfoCommunicatedFlag ( )

This method sets mInitInfoCommunicatedFlag to true.

Definition at line 106 of file BaseObject.hpp.

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