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PVCuda::recv_post_params Struct Reference

Data Fields

float dt_factor
int nbatch
int nbdn
int nblt
int nbrt
int nbup
int nf
int nfp
int numPerStride
int nxp
int nxRes
int nyp
int nyRes
int * patch2datalookuptable
size_t postBufNum
float * postGsyn
size_t preBufNum
float * preData
int preNbdn
int preNblt
int preNbrt
int preNbup
int preNf
int preNx
int preNy
float preToPostScaleX
float preToPostScaleY
int sharedWeights
long * startSourceExtBuf
int sy
int syp
int warpSize
float * weights
size_t weightsBufNum

Detailed Description

Definition at line 18 of file CudaRecvPost.hpp.

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