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PV::GaussianRandom Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PV::GaussianRandom:

Public Member Functions

 GaussianRandom (HyPerCol *hc, int count)
 GaussianRandom (HyPerCol *hc, const PVLayerLoc *locptr, bool isExtended)
float gaussianDist (int localIndex=0)
float gaussianDist (int localIndex, float mean, float sigma)
void gaussianDist (float *values, int localIndex, int count=1)
void gaussianDist (float *values, int localIndex, int count, float mean, float sigma)
HyPerColgetParentHyPerCol ()
taus_uint4getRNG (int index)
size_t getRNGArraySize ()
unsigned int randomUInt (int localIndex=0)
void randomUInt (unsigned int *values, int localIndex, int count=1)
float uniformRandom (int localIndex=0)
float uniformRandom (int localIndex, float min, float max)
void uniformRandom (float *values, int localIndex, int count=1)
void uniformRandom (float *values, int localIndex, int count, float min, float max)

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned int randomUIntMax ()

Protected Member Functions

int initializeFromCount (HyPerCol *hc, unsigned int count)
int initializeFromCount (HyPerCol *hc, int count)
int initializeFromLoc (HyPerCol *hc, const PVLayerLoc *locptr, bool isExtended)
int initializeGaussian ()

Protected Attributes

struct box_muller_dataheldValues
size_t rngArraySize

Private Member Functions

int initialize_base ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file GaussianRandom.hpp.

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