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PV::GaussianRandom Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PV::GaussianRandom:

Public Member Functions

 GaussianRandom (int count)
 GaussianRandom (const PVLayerLoc *locptr, bool isExtended)
float gaussianDist (int localIndex=0)
float gaussianDist (int localIndex, float mean, float sigma)
void gaussianDist (float *values, int localIndex, int count=1)
void gaussianDist (float *values, int localIndex, int count, float mean, float sigma)
taus_uint4getRNG (int index)
unsigned int randomUInt (int localIndex=0)
void randomUInt (unsigned int *values, int localIndex, int count=1)
float uniformRandom (int localIndex=0)
float uniformRandom (int localIndex, float min, float max)
void uniformRandom (float *values, int localIndex, int count=1)
void uniformRandom (float *values, int localIndex, int count, float min, float max)

Static Public Member Functions

static unsigned int randomUIntMax ()

Protected Member Functions

int initializeFromCount (unsigned int count)
int initializeFromCount (int count)
int initializeFromLoc (const PVLayerLoc *locptr, bool isExtended)
int initializeGaussian ()

Protected Attributes

std::vector< box_muller_dataheldValues
std::vector< taus_uint4rngArray

Private Member Functions

int initialize_base ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file GaussianRandom.hpp.

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