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PV::DataStore Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DataStore (HyPerCol *hc, int numBuffers, int numItems, size_t dataSize, int numLevels, bool isSparse)
unsigned int * activeIndicesBuffer (int bufferId, int level)
unsigned int * activeIndicesBuffer (int bufferId)
void * buffer (int bufferId, int level)
void * buffer (int bufferId)
size_t bufferOffset (int bufferId, int level=0)
double getLastUpdateTime (int bufferId, int level)
double getLastUpdateTime (int bufferId)
int getNumItems ()
bool isSparse ()
int lastLevelIndex ()
int levelIndex (int level)
int newLevelIndex ()
long * numActiveBuffer (int bufferId, int level)
long * numActiveBuffer (int bufferId)
int numberOfBuffers ()
int numberOfLevels ()
void setLastUpdateTime (int bufferId, int level, double t)
void setLastUpdateTime (int bufferId, double t)
size_t size ()

Private Attributes

unsigned int * activeIndices
size_t bufSize
int curLevel
size_t dataSize
bool isSparse_flag
double * lastUpdateTimes
long * numActive
int numBuffers
int numItems
int numLevels
char * recvBuffers

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file DataStore.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PV::DataStore::DataStore ( HyPerCol hc,
int  numBuffers,
int  numItems,
size_t  dataSize,
int  numLevels,
bool  isSparse_flag 

Definition at line 27 of file DataStore.cpp.

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