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PV::DataStore Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 DataStore (int numBuffers, int numItems, int numLevels, bool isSparse)
SparseList< float >::Entry * activeIndicesBuffer (int bufferId, int level)
SparseList< float >::Entry * activeIndicesBuffer (int bufferId)
float * buffer (int bufferId, int level)
float * buffer (int bufferId)
PVLayerCube createCube (PVLayerLoc const &loc, int delay)
double getLastUpdateTime (int bufferId, int level) const
double getLastUpdateTime (int bufferId) const
int getNumBuffers () const
int getNumItems () const
int getNumLevels () const
bool isSparse () const
void markActiveIndicesOutOfSync (int bufferId, int level)
void newLevelIndex ()
long * numActiveBuffer (int bufferId, int level)
long * numActiveBuffer (int bufferId)
void setLastUpdateTime (int bufferId, int level, double t)
void setLastUpdateTime (int bufferId, double t)
void setNumActive (int bufferId, long numActive)
void updateActiveIndices (int bufferId, int level)

Private Attributes

RingBuffer< SparseList< float >::Entry > * mActiveIndices = nullptr
RingBuffer< float > * mBuffer = nullptr
int mCurrentLevel
RingBuffer< double > * mLastUpdateTimes = nullptr
RingBuffer< long > * mNumActive = nullptr
int mNumBuffers
int mNumItems
int mNumLevels
bool mSparseFlag

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file DataStore.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

PVLayerCube PV::DataStore::createCube ( PVLayerLoc const &  loc,
int  delay 

Returns a PVLayerCube pointing to the data at the given delay. It does not check whether the PVLayerLoc is consistent with the DataStore's numItems or numBuffers.

Definition at line 68 of file DataStore.cpp.

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