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PVCuda::CudaUpdateMomentumLCALayer Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PVCuda::CudaUpdateMomentumLCALayer:

Public Member Functions

 CudaUpdateMomentumLCALayer (CudaDevice *inDevice)
void setArgs (const int nbatch, const int numNeurons, const int nx, const int ny, const int nf, const int lt, const int rt, const int dn, const int up, const int numChannels, CudaBuffer *V, CudaBuffer *prevDrive, const int numVertices, CudaBuffer *verticesV, CudaBuffer *verticesA, CudaBuffer *slopes, const bool selfInteract, CudaBuffer *dtAdapt, const float tau, const float LCAMomentumRate, CudaBuffer *GSynHead, CudaBuffer *activity)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int do_run () override

Private Attributes

MomentumLCAParams params

Detailed Description

Definition at line 134 of file CudaUpdateStateFunctions.hpp.

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