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PV::_Log< C, LT, T > Struct Template Reference

Public Types

typedef std::basic_ostream< C, T > basic_ostream
typedef LogStreamTraits< C, LT, T > LogStreamType
typedef LT LogType

Public Member Functions

 _Log (const char *file=__FILE__, int line=__LINE__)
 _Log (basic_ostream &s, const char *file=__FILE__, int line=__LINE__)
_Logflush ()
template<typename V >
_Logoperator<< (V const &value)
_Logoperator<< (typename LogStreamType::StrFunc func)
void outputPrefix (const char *file, int line)
int printf (char const *fmt,...)

Private Attributes

std::basic_ostream< C, T > & _stream

Detailed Description

template<typename C, typename LT, typename T = std::char_traits<C>>
struct PV::_Log< C, LT, T >

Definition at line 202 of file PVLog.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename C , typename LT , typename T = std::char_traits<C>>
int PV::_Log< C, LT, T >::printf ( char const *  fmt,

A method intended to make it easy to convert printf(format,...) and fprintf(stderr,format,...) statements to versions that use the PVLog facilities. To have output recorded in the logfile, replace printf(format,...) with pvInfo().printf(format,...) and fprintf(stderr,format,...) with pvXXXX().printf(format,...), with pvXXXX replaced by pvWarn, pvError, or pvErrorNoExit depending on the desired behavior.

Definition at line 268 of file PVLog.hpp.

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