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PV::InitGaussianRandomWeightsParams Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PV::InitGaussianRandomWeightsParams:
PV::InitRandomWeightsParams PV::InitWeightsParams

Public Member Functions

 InitGaussianRandomWeightsParams (const char *name, HyPerCol *hc)
float calcDelta (int post, float dPost, float distHeadPreUnits)
virtual void calcOtherParams (int patchIndex)
float calcXDelta (int iPost)
float calcYDelta (int jPost)
virtual int communicateParamsInfo ()
ChannelType getChannel ()
bool getCombineWeightFiles ()
const char * getFilename ()
float getMean ()
const char * getName ()
int getnfPatch ()
int getNumWeightFiles ()
int getnxPatch ()
int getnyPatch ()
HyPerColgetParent ()
HyPerConngetParentConn ()
int getPatchSize ()
HyPerLayergetPost ()
HyPerLayergetPre ()
int getsf ()
float getStDev ()
int getsx ()
int getsy ()
bool getUseListOfArborFiles ()
float getWMax ()
float getWMin ()
virtual int ioParamsFillGroup (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
void setName (const char *name)

Protected Member Functions

void getcheckdimensionsandstrides ()
float getdxPost ()
float getdyPost ()
float getxDistHeadPreUnits ()
float getyDistHeadPreUnits ()
int initialize (const char *name, HyPerCol *hc)
virtual int initialize_base ()
virtual void ioParam_combineWeightFiles (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_initWeightsFile (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_numWeightFiles (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_useListOfArborFiles (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
void ioParam_wGaussMean (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
void ioParam_wGaussStdev (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
int kernelIndexCalculations (int patchIndex)

Protected Attributes

ChannelType channel
bool combineWeightFiles
float dxPost
float dyPost
char * filename
char * name
int numWeightFiles
bool useListOfArborFiles
float xDistHeadPreUnits
float yDistHeadPreUnits

Private Attributes

float wGaussMean
float wGaussStdev

Detailed Description

Definition at line 15 of file InitGaussianRandomWeightsParams.hpp.

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