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PV::InitCocircWeightsParams Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for PV::InitCocircWeightsParams:
PV::InitGauss2DWeightsParams PV::InitWeightsParams

InitGauss2DWeight Parameters

List of parameters needed from the InitGauss2DWeightParams class

virtual void ioParam_aspect (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_sigma (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_rMax (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_rMin (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_strength (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_deltaThetaMax (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_thetaMax (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_numFlanks (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_flankShift (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_rotate (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_bowtieFlag (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_bowtieAngle (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
void ioParam_aspectRelatedParams (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)

Public Member Functions

 InitCocircWeightsParams (const char *name, HyPerCol *hc)
void addToGDist (float inc)
float calcDelta (int post, float dPost, float distHeadPreUnits)
virtual float calcDthPre ()
float calcKurveAndSigmaKurve (int kf, int &nKurve, float &sigma_kurve_temp, float &kurve_tmp, bool &iPosKurve, bool &iSaddle)
float calcKurvePostAndSigmaKurvePost (int kfPost)
void calcOtherParams (int patchIndex)
virtual float calcTh0Pre (float dthPre)
float calcThPost (int fPost)
float calculateWeight ()
float calcXDelta (int iPost)
float calcYDelta (int jPost)
bool checkBowtieAngle (float xp, float yp)
bool checkColorDiff (int fPost)
bool checkFlags (float dyP_shift, float dxP)
bool checkSameLoc (int kfPost)
bool checkThetaDiff (float thPost)
virtual int communicateParamsInfo ()
float getAspect ()
ChannelType getChannel ()
bool getCombineWeightFiles ()
float getDeltaTheta ()
float getDeltaThetaMax ()
const char * getFilename ()
int getFPre ()
float getGDist ()
float getmin_weight ()
const char * getName ()
int getnfPatch ()
float getnKurvePre ()
int getNoPost ()
int getNoPre ()
int getNumFlanks ()
int getNumWeightFiles ()
int getnxPatch ()
int getnyPatch ()
HyPerColgetParent ()
HyPerConngetParentConn ()
int getPatchSize ()
HyPerLayergetPost ()
HyPerLayergetPre ()
double getr2Max ()
double getr2Min ()
float getRotate ()
int getsf ()
float getShift ()
float getSigma ()
float getSigma_cocirc ()
float getSigma_kurve ()
float getSigma_kurve_post2 ()
float getSigma_kurve_pre ()
float getSigma_kurve_pre2 ()
double getStrength ()
int getsx ()
int getsy ()
float getThetaMax ()
float getthPre ()
bool getUseListOfArborFiles ()
float getWMax ()
float getWMin ()
void initializeDistChordCocircKurvePreAndKurvePost ()
virtual int ioParamsFillGroup (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
bool isSameLocOrSelf (float xDelta, float yDelta, int fPost)
void setDeltaThetaMax (float thetaMaxTmp)
void setName (const char *name)
void setNoPost (int noPostTmp)
void setNoPre (int noPreTmp)
void setRotate (float rotateTmp)
void setThetaMax (float thetaMaxTmp)
void updateCocircNChord (float thPost, float dyP_shift, float dxP, float cocircKurve_shift, float d2_shift)
void updategKurvePreNgKurvePost (float cocircKurve_shift)

Protected Member Functions

void calculateThetas (int kfPre_tmp, int patchIndex)
void getcheckdimensionsandstrides ()
float getdxPost ()
float getdyPost ()
float getxDistHeadPreUnits ()
float getyDistHeadPreUnits ()
int initialize (const char *name, HyPerCol *hc)
int initialize_base ()
virtual void ioParam_cocircSelf (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_combineWeightFiles (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_deltaRadiusCurvature (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_initWeightsFile (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_numOrientationsPost (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_numOrientationsPre (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_numWeightFiles (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_sigmaCocirc (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_sigmaKurve (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
virtual void ioParam_useListOfArborFiles (enum ParamsIOFlag ioFlag)
int kernelIndexCalculations (int patchIndex)
bool needAspectParams ()

Protected Attributes

float bowtieAngle
bool bowtieFlag
ChannelType channel
bool combineWeightFiles
float deltaTheta
float deltaThetaMax
float dthPost
float dxPost
float dyPost
char * filename
int fPre
char * name
int numOrientationsPost
int numOrientationsPre
int numWeightFiles
double r2Min
float rMin
float rotate
bool self
float th0Post
float thetaMax
float thPre
bool useListOfArborFiles
float xDistHeadPreUnits
float yDistHeadPreUnits

Private Attributes

float aspect
float cocirc_self
float delta_radius_curvature
float gCocirc
float gDist
float gKurvePost
float gKurvePre
bool iPosKurvePost
bool iPosKurvePre
bool iSaddlePost
bool iSaddlePre
float kurvePost
float kurvePre
float min_weight
int nKurvePost
int nKurvePre
int numFlanks
double r2Max
float rMax
float shift
float sigma
float sigma_cocirc
float sigma_kurve
float sigma_kurve_post
float sigma_kurve_post2
float sigma_kurve_pre
float sigma_kurve_pre2
float strength

Detailed Description

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